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Interlock & Pavers

Anas Technical Services LLC is the  a leading Interlock and Paving Design Company in Dubai. Anas Technical Services LLC has been maintaining its commitment towards quality, value for money, loyalty, customer delight and outstanding services. We take pride in providing customized solutions in Interlock Tiles, Interlock Pavers, Interlock Kerbstone Supply and installation for Residential, Commercial and Garden Spaces all over Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Umm Al Quwain UAE.

Our Services

  • Interlock Supply and Installation in Dubai
  • Interlock Pavers Supply and Installation in Dubai
  • Concrete Bricks Supply and Installlation
  • Kerbstone and Heel Kerbs Supply & Installation Dubai
  • Interlock Repairing and Maintenance Services in Dubai
  • Hardscape and LandScape Contractors in Dubai
  • Best Contractor for Interlock Work in Dubai

Tiles, marble and Granite

Suspension Grids is another category of modern ceiling works which gives your ceiling a tidy and impeccable outlook. Designed to hang from the ceiling, it provides enough space above the grid to conceal ductwork, piping, and other ugly but essential utilities that are installed at the ceiling.
Wooden Ceilings, which as the name implies, are made of wood, are very universal and multi-functional. In the living room, bedroom, kitchen, study, home office, library, and even the bathroom, many interior designers favor this style of ceiling to create a functional yet beautiful decor.
Practically, every form of ceiling and partition in modern construction is well within our professional capacity. Emirates Facilities can serve your needs and has established itself in the industry as a reliable partition and ceiling contractor in the UAE.

Wooden Parquet & Laminated Flooring

Want to give your home an impressive wooden look? Try Anas Technical’s wooden parquet flooring in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & Umm al quwain UAE. Using wooden parquet for your floors gives an impressive golden look to your homes. Furthermore, wooden flooring makes your home more soundproof since it absorbs more sound than any other flooring techniques. Our hardwood flooring expertise doesn’t end in the home. We can create hardwood floors for the base of your Office, Shop, Rooms, Hotel Room and Corridors, ship, boat, mosque, Majlis, Drawing Rooms etc. So, wherever you want that wood flooring on, Anas Technical Services LLC is always there to make it happen.

Hardwood floors come in different patterns and styles and there is no style and pattern beyond our expertise. We have well trained and experienced workers who would bring your ideas to life. Our staff have years of experience and completed works in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman.

SPC Flooring & Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Give the floor of your home the natural looks of stones and wood flooring by using Luxury Vinyl flooring and SPC Flooring in Dubai. The amazing effects of wood and stone are meticulously made for all sizes with excellent color depth. Luxury vinyl Tiles & SPC floors can be easily maintained by mopping it or brushing the floor to bring back its new look. 

Do you intend to get a luxury vinyl flooring for the base of your home? If your answer is yes, then you’re just in the right place to get luxury vinyl & SPC Tiles for your floors. Anas Technical Services LLC is the home to all your luxury Floor needs. Want some classic luxury? Our large tiles in white marble or travertine look is a great choice for you. 

Vinyl & SPC Flooring is being used for the below mentioned areas.

  • Office Flooring
  • Shops Floor
  • Restaurant & Cafe Flooring
  • Bedroom Flooring
  • Kitchen Flooring
  • Drawing Room and Study room
  • Majlis Area

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